Information for Pilots Attending a CAA Medical

What forms to complete?

For all medicals prior to your appointment please print and complete the "Med 160 Application Form for Aviation Medical Certificate". The form can be downloaded from the following link:

If you are attending for your initial class 2 medical and wear spectacles then also please print off the following form and attend your optician for a comprehensive examination and bring the form when you attend for your medical:

What to bring?

a) Photographic ID (passport or DVLA photocard driving licence) - this is required for ALL medicals

b) Current (if appropriate) licence, medical certificate and number of total hours flown and number of hours flown since last medical

c) List of all medications taken including inhalers and dosages

d) Glasses and contact lenses if worn (an eye test without contact lenses will be performed so please bring a pot for lenses if required)

e) Any paperwork retaining to your medical status past or current

Any other advice?

A urine sample will be required. 

Simple extra heart beats on the ECG can course anxiety and delays. Avoiding excess caffeine can reduce the risk of having extra heart beats. Minor abnormalities on the ECG can also occur following large meals, and so should be avoided.

For pilots requiring a audiogram please make this known when making your booking so that we can make arrangements for this - we currently arrange for audiogram a to take place in Northampton General Hospital (walking distance).