CAA ECG Reporting Class 1 and 2

Dr Timperley is available to report ECGs for CAA medicals and aims to have a report in electronic format returned within 6 hours and often within 1 hour.

Each report comes with cardiology advice on management and investigations required and also suitability to continue flying during the investigation period. Urgent reporting is also available for immediate reporting at no extra cost. ECGs can be sent via email or paper format with consent of the pilot. Due to the poo quality of fax this is not recommended.

Currently ECGS for class 2 with an unacceptable computer generated report require over read (RoR) by a local cardiologist.

The CAA has stated that as of 25 July 2016 the same process will be adopted for class 1 pilot ECGs. This has therefore the potential to significantly impact on a professional pilots work. 

Dr Timperley offers a high quality aviation cardiology directed class 1 ECG reporting service to ensure commercial pilots are flying again as soon as possible.

Please contact Dr Timperley by email for further details.